Aquatic Vegetation and Mosquito Habitat

Document and monitor wetlands loss and degradation.

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Aerial and satellite images are ideal and underutilized tools for mapping aquatic vegetation. Wavelengths outside of the visible spectrum provide a means to map both emergent and submergent vegetation in a way that is more accurate and less expensive than other means.

With our aerial camera systems and specialized filters we can fly your project area at the optimum time of year and produce imagery which will maximize the accuracy of mapping native and invasive species.

Imagery is a great tool to document and monitor wetlands loss and degradation. Archives of historical imagery can be compared with new images to create accurate maps of the degree and extent of change. Calibrated imagery can be used to map changes in aquatic species composition and health.

Accurate maps of invasive species can help with efficient herbicide placement. Application systems on aircraft can use our digital GPS maps to make targeted applications of herbicides automatically and accurately. Boats with proper equipment can also make use of these digital maps to guide herbicide applications.

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