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How RECENT are the photos?

It varies by location, but we have color imagery taken nationwide within the last year or so. Let us know where the property is and we’ll tell you what’s available.

How DETAILED are the photos?

Resolution of the photos is about 2.5 feet. Our prints usually show more detail than websites like Google. At most scales, you can every tree, small buildings, roads, small ponds, etc.

How much ground do they cover? (ie What SCALE are they?)

The scale varies depending on the size of your place. We take the imagery, and cut out just your lease or ranch, piece together multiple images if necessary, and then make an enlarged print of JUST YOUR AREA. We can put anything from 400 acres to 40,000 acres on a print. If your place is smaller than 400 acres, we center it and show some extra ground around it because we don’t like to zoom in so much that it starts to lose its sharpness.

How does Balboa find my place?

If you have any kind of map of your area, just send it to us. We can also work off GPS coordinates. If you can locate it on Google maps, we can show you how to get the coordinates. You can also just email a written description of how you get there (ie driving directions) and we’ll send you a FREE topo map of the area so you can mark your property boundaries on it.


We almost always use aerial imagery because it has better detail in rural areas. Satellite imagery is great for some applications, and we use it for some projects, but unless you’re in a major city the best imagery available is usually aerial. For international projects we usually use satellite imagery.

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