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We have extensive experience with mapping and aerial photography on ranches all across Texas and throughout the Rocky Mountain states. Whether it’s habitat evaluation, assessing wildfire impact, or assisting ranch brokers with custom maps, we have a wide range of experience.


Balboa Map Company offers high quality, custom enlargements of aerial photographs. One of our specialties is large prints of ranches and hunting leases. We can add annotation of pasture names, blind locations, campsites, etc. We are hunters ourselves and have worked with many hunters and ranch owners to produce custom aerial maps that are exactly what they are looking for. These are the kind of beautiful prints you want to put over the fireplace, hang on the hunting camp wall, or give as a unique gift. Whether we take the images with our own camera systems or use available imagery from other sources, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality aerial maps.

One thing that makes our prints the best available is the custom image enhancement we apply to each and every one we sell. We don’t ship it until we’ve spent considerable time making it look as good as possible. We customize the shape of our prints to fit the shape of your property, and print sizes are also custom to fit your needs.


Mechanical and chemical brush control is much more cost effective when GPS and mapping are part of the plan. Aerial spraying done ‘fence-to-fence’ is expensive and inefficient. By mapping vegetation types in advance, and integrating those maps into the spray system, targeted application of herbicides can be made. The total cost to the rancher is much lower, and collateral damage to desirable vegetation is essentially eliminated.

Another aspect of this is mapping brush density. Treating brush below a certain density per acre is not cost effective. We can accurately map density levels for mesquite and pear to develop a much more cost effective plan.

If your ranch is like most, you want to consider how brush management impacts both cattle revenue and wildlife related income. On every ranch there is an optimum balance, and our mapping can help you see that clearly.


We use infrared aerial imagery and digital image processing techniques to map:

  • grazing productivity
  • habitat condition
  • vegetation types
  • invasive species
  • damage from fire, insects, and herbicide

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